17 April 2013

Annual Transparency Reports Due 30 April!

Article 7 of the Mine Ban Treaty requires States Parties to provide a report to the UN no later than 180 days after the treaty comes into force for them on issues related to implementation of the treaty including. Annual updates for the previous calendar year (1 January - 31 December) are due on 30 April from all States Parties.

ICBL urges all States Parties to: · Turn in initial reports on time · Turn in detailed annual reports every year by 30 April (covering previous calendar year)· Use revised Form D to report on the intended and actual use of retained mines· Use amended Forms B and G to report on the discovery and destruction of AP mines after the completion of stockpile destruction programs· Use voluntary Form J to report on: Provision of victim assistance International cooperation and assistanceStockpiled Claymore-type and OZM-72 mines and steps taken to ensure their use in command-detonated mode only Destruction of fuses that can be attached to AV mines to make them victim-activated Foreign stockpiles of AP mines.

The reports need to be sent, preferably in electronic format, to :

the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs:

aplc.article7report@unog.ch or APLC Secretariat

Fax: +41 22 917 0034

UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (Geneva Branch)Palais des Nations, Room C-113.11211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

The reporting forms are available here:


To view the database of art. 7 transparency reports go here: