22 May 2013

States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty must make every effort to complete clearance of all mined areas as soon as possible, but no later than ten years after joining the treaty. States that are not in a position to complete clearance within ten years due to exceptional circumstances may request a deadline extension.

So far, 30 states have missed their deadline, much more than ever expected. In many cases, deadlines would have been met if clearance had started on time or had been more efficient.

To date in 2013, five states have submitted deadline extension requests: Chad, Mozambique, Serbia, Sudan and Turkey. Niger also announced its intention to submit a request.In addition, Germany submitted a request for an extended deadline, following a newly established procedure for States Parties that discover mined areas after their deadline has passed.

A decision on all the requests will be made at the 13MSP in Geneva, in December 2013.The ICBL has prepared detailed comments assessing requests from Chad, Germany, Serbia, Sudan and Turkey, available on our dedicated Mine Clearance Extension Request page.