15 October 2013

ICBL-CMC is pleased to be launching Investing in Action 2014 grant programme that will support ICBL-CMC member organisations with funding for campaign activities.Grants awarded under the Investing in Action programme will support advocacy and campaigning activities to persuade governments to ratify or accede to the Mine Ban Treaty and/or the Convention on Cluster Munitions, to enhance the implementation of the treaties and to increase the stigmatisation of these weapons.The application process is now open, with applications from ICBL-CMC members being accepted until Tuesday 12 November 2013.

Guidance and support for applicants

When considering your application, think about:

  • What is preventing universalisation or implementation of the Convention on Cluster Munitions and/or the Mine Ban treaty in your country/area of work?
  • What can your organisation do (or what is it currently doing) that would make a difference to the above?
  • How would an Investing in Action grant have the biggest impact on your success?

Here are some ideas of how grants have been used in the past: coordination/participation in regional workshops; advocacy missions; work to expand national campaign networks; participation in global campaign action days; mobilisation of governments ahead of key treaty meetings; media outreach; production of campaign materials; translation of treaty documents or campaign materials; research projects and survey work; meetings and events with policy makers; field visits; contribution to general running costs.

This year we have introduced low grants and high grants. The ‘low’ grants are for requests up to $2,000; the ‘high’ grants are for requests up to $5,000. We encourage applicants to clearly state on their application forms the activities they would do if they receive the ‘low’ grant and the activities they would do if they receive the ‘high’ grant. See for more information and guidance Section 4 - Budget and Grant allocation in the Application Guidance form.

Please note that applicants will either be awarded up to $2,000 OR up to $5,000, not both.The project period will run from 1 February 2013 to 31 December 2014 and activities outlined in applications for funding should fall within this period.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 12 November 2013. All applicants must use the provided templates. Please read the application guidelines carefully before completing the application. Applications must be typed and signed electronically and submitted by email to investinginaction@icblcmc.org

For further guidance/support on completing your application contact:

Firoz Alizada (ICBL Campaign Manager) if your query is relating to the Mine Ban Treaty.

Amy Little (CMC Campaign Manager)if your query is relating to the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

2014 Investing in Action application documents: 2014 Application guidelines (English)2014; Application guidelines (Español)2014;  Application guidelines (Français)2014; Application form 2014 Budget template 2013

Investing in Action reporting forms:If you received Investing in Action 2013 support earlier this year you must report on your activities by the 15 January 2014 deadline in order to be considered for 2014 support.

2013 Narrative reporting form; 2013 Financial reporting form and 2013 reports should be submitted to: investinginaction@icblcmc.org