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The 19th Meeting of States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty took place 15-19 November 2021 in a fully virtual format.

Read the ICBL 19MSP closing statement here

ICBL joins VA Expert meeting in margins of 19MSP - Read here.

ICBL 19MSP Meeting Statements 

Official Documents
  • The agenda for the meeting is available here.
  • All official documents of the meeting will be available on the Secretariat of the Mine Ban Treaty's website.

Campaign Tools

A selection of photos reflecting ICBL global member activities was included in the exhibit, "Towards a Mine Free World" displayed at City Hall in the Hague and organized by the Treaty Presidency to accompany the 19th Meeting of States Parties.

Landmine Monitor

  • The Landmine Monitor 2021 report was launched on 10 November 2021. Find the report online here


ICBL-CMC Focal points for the 19th Meeting of State Parties 

Kasia Derlicka-Rosenbauer, Policy and Government Liaison Manager, kasia@icblcmc.org

Marion Loddo, Monitor Editorial Manager, marion@icblcmc.org

Mia Schöb, Advocacy and Campaign Manager, mia@icblcmc.org




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Government Twitter Handles
You can see a complete listing of government twitter handles here.
Picture resources (Flickr)
You can find illustrative pictures here from the Monitor reports as well as from the meeting proceedings once under way
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Thematic videos and recorded statements will be posted on ICBL and CMC YouTube channels, you can also see, and share existing #MineFreeWorld and #StopClusterBombsNow videos
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We welcome pictures or other feedback from events you are involved in or attending during the 19MSP. Please send to: media@icblcmc.org