International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL)
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Job opportunities with the ICBL-CMC

About the Organization

The International Campaign to Ban Landmines – Cluster Munition Coalition (ICBL-CMC) is a global civil society network dedicated to putting an end to the suffering caused by antipersonnel landmines and cluster munitions. The ICBL and CMC campaigns are active in nearly 100 countries, with more than 350 member organizations. The ICBL, recipient of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize, is recognized as the driving force behind the achievement and ongoing success of the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty. The CMC played a key role in the creation of the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions, and now works for its universalization and implementation.

We seek to prevent all use, production, and trade of these weapons, and to ensure stockpiles are destroyed. We denounce any use of these indiscriminate weapons, and mobilize others to do so to further stigmatize them. We call for accelerated clearance of all landmines, cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war; and want to see the fulfillment of victims’ rights and needs. The best way to reach these goals is to ensure the universal adherence to, and implementation of, the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty and the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions.

On 1 January 2011, the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) and the Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) merged to become the ICBL-CMC. Both campaigns and their research initiative--Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor (“the Monitor”)--operate under one legal, financial and governance structure in order to ensure even more synergy, to have more impact and to streamline cooperation. In practical terms, the ICBL and the CMC remain two separate and strong campaigns with a dedicated team of staff for both. Other staff working on media and communications, finance, logistics and administration and policy support both campaigns. The main offices are currently in Geneva and London.

Further information is available on our website:


Open Job Postings: there are currently no open job postings.



There are currently no open internship postings.

How to apply for an internship?

Internship openings are posted on the ICBL and the CMC websites as they become available (approximately 2 times per year). Most internships require sending your resume, cover letter, and a one page writing sample. Interviews are conducted in person for local applicants and over the telephone for other applicants.

How soon will I be notified after I fill out my application?

Due to the high volume of applications, only successful applicants will be notified. While the skills and experience required differ for each posting, in general, knowledge of non-English languages is welcome, as are strong written and oral communication skills, solid knowledge of basic computer programs and activist experience.

How much does ICBL-CMC pay its interns?

Internships at all ICBL-CMC offices are unpaid.

Is there an age requirement?

We do not have an age requirement; however, most ICBL-CMC interns are university students.

How long do internships last?

Internships are quite flexible depending on the needs of the ICBL-CMC offices and the availability of the intern. In general, most internships last one school semester.

Which ICBL-CMC offices offer internships?

Internship positions are available in both our London and Geneva offices.

What types of tasks would an intern be expected to do?

The ICBL-CMC strives to create a balanced relationship between our own needs and the intern's goals. Possible tasks include writing news articles, updating and maintaining the website, data basing material, conducting research, and assisting with preparations for conferences.

What types of skills would an intern gain at the ICBL-CMC?

Although each internship is unique, after interning with ICBL-CMC, you will gain greater insight into the inner workings of a nonprofit organization, how international advocacy campaigns are carried out, how to work in a diverse and multicultural environment, as well as everything you ever wanted to know about landmines and cluster munitions!

Would I receive preference to get hired at ICBL-CMC if I became a intern?

The ICBL-CMC has a small staff and does not often have full time position openings, so it is not possible to guarantee interns a job after their time with the organisation. However, the ICBL-CMC is very well connected with many other NGOs, and the United Nations, both in London and Geneva. If you use your time as a intern wisely, remaining proactive, ambitious and dedicated to getting the most of our the opportunity, you will be in a very good position to get a job or further training with one of our partner agencies or key members. On many occassions our interns have gone on to gain full time work for other NGOs or the UN. So it's really down to you!


Volunteer Positions

Please fill a form if you are willing to dedicate some time to volunteer for the ICBL:

Standard Application Form
Translation Application Form

How soon will someone contact me after I submit my application?

An ICBL staff member will generally contact you within two weeks.

What type of work do volunteers conduct?

Volunteers conduct a variety of tasks, depending on the office and the specific task they volunteered to take on. Some have agreed to provide legal advice, others have designed campaign brochures and other resources, and still others have done research and helped with office administration.

How often do you need volunteers?

Volunteer translators are always needed to help make campaign documents available to all our members. Other types of volunteers are needed occasionally.

What types of skills would I gain through my volunteer work?

All volunteers learn about the landmines and what is being done globally to eliminate landmines. Volunteers also gain experience working in a diverse, international, multicultural environment and gain skills specific to various projects.

Could I volunteer in different offices?

"Virtual" volunteers can work from anywhere! Many of our volunteers are located all over the world and we never actually meet in person. For many tasks such as translation and design you can work from literally anywhere.

Is there any travel involved in my volunteer work?

No, travel opportunities are not available for volunteers.