International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL)
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Campaigning Tools

To help you take action for a mine-free world, the ICBL and national campaigns have published numerous advocacy tools throughout the years.

Get inspiration from the following list, download resources, browse our site or visit your national campaign's website for additional advocacy ideas and tools.

The International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL): 20 years and still going strong!

The ICBL has prepared some downloadable and easy reference tools for you to use to help celebrate over 20 years of action!

  • Ever wondered exactly how the ICBL evolved, and how to easily summarise the amazing work of this campaign that you've all contributed to? Download our new, updated chronology here and share with your supporters and governments!
  • From our 10th anniversary you can also download A Success in Progress, the Mine Ban Treaty's 10th Anniversary Brochure. From Afghanistan to Zambia, this brochure documents the first 10 years of the ICBL's history, as told by ICBL Ambassadors and campaigners, and by friends of the ICBL.

Mine Ban Treaty Basics

ICBL advocacy messages

At every Meetings of the States Parties (MSP) and Intersessional Standing Committees meetings (ISC) the ICBL drafts and delivers statements, issues press releases, produces summaries of announcements made and shares targeted messages on our dedicated web pages.

These statements and messages are closely linked to the implementation work of the ICBL, and can be useful for campaigning work all year round. Download them and stay up to day on the relevant MSP or ISC pages on this website.

A picture speaks a thousand words

The ICBL has an archive of fantastic imagery that campaigners can use to help illustrate the importance of your work. You can view some of our pictures on our photo page,and the rest are available to view and download from Flickr.

Please credit all images as shown!

FAQs, factsheets and presentations

Victim Assistance

So You Want to Advocate on Victim Assistance? Tips & tricks from campaigners advocating for victim assistance, including 11 short case studies (in PDF)

Other key documents are available at the bottom of the page on victim assistance

Getting Media Coverage: A Practical Guide

As we advocate to effect social change and influence government policy, engaging with the media can be a useful tool to pressure governments to pay attention to our message, build public awareness, and generate publicity for public events, popular campaign actions and fundraisers. The Cluster Munition Coalition and the International Campaign to Ban Landmines have published a media guide answering these questions:

  • Why engage with the media?
  • What kinds of media exist?
  • When to engage with the media?
  • What to tell them?
  • How to reach them?
  • What tools to use?

Download the PDF here:

Getting Coverage: A Practical Media Guide for CMC and ICBL Campaigners

Obtenir une couverture médiatique: Un guide pratique pour les militants de la CMC et de l'ICBL

Estrategias de difusión: guía práctica sobre medios de comunicación para activistas de CMC e ICBL