International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL)
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Articles here date back to 1998 when the ICBL website was first launched.

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ICBL-CMC Newsletter: March 2014

This latest news from ICBL-CMC includes ICBL's challenge to states to finish the job as the Mine Ban Treaty turns 15, a spotlight on mine ban advocacy and action in Turkey, and disturbing reports of use of landmines in Crimea. Read it online here.

(14/04/2014, last updated: 14/04/2014) Read more » ( English )

Allegations of Russian Use of Landmines in Ukraine: ICBL Update

The ICBL calls on Russia and Ukraine, as well as States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty, to make further efforts to clarify the situation, in order to make a definitive determination about whether antipersonnel mines have been used.

(08/04/2014, last updated: 08/04/2014) Read more » ( English )

ICBL Members call for mine free world on International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action

On 4 April, ICBL members around the world are undertaking actions calling on governments to complete their obligations under the Mine Ban Treaty and finish the work remaining to achieve a mine free world.

(04/04/2014, last updated: 04/04/2014) Read more » ( English )

ICBL-CMC statement on attack on member organization, Roots of Peace

(28 March, 2014) The International Campaign to Ban Landmines-Cluster Munition Coalition extends deepest sympathies to those injured and the families of those killed in the attack on the Roots of Peace guest house in Kabul today. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. Roots of Peace is a humanitarian non-profit organization working in mine action in Afghanistan and other affected countries. It is a member of the global coalition that comprises the International Campaign to Ban Landmines-Cluster Munition Coalition.

(03/04/2014, last updated: 03/04/2014) Read more » ( English )

Eritrea, Yemen, Zimbabwe seek more time to clear mines

Three states submitted requests to extend their mine clearance deadline. Read our comments and recommendations.

(31/03/2014, last updated: 31/03/2014) Read more » ( English )

Spotlight on Myanmar

In the lead up to the Mine Ban Treaty’s Third Review Conference in June, ICBL is shining the spotlight on some key countries impacted by the scourge of antipersonnel landmines.

This 'Spotlight on Myanmar' looks at issues such as landmine use and production in Myanmar, efforts being made to address the issue, clear contaminated land and provide assistance to victims, as well as the establishment and role of civil society.

(27/03/2014, last updated: 02/04/2014) Read more » ( English )

ICBL Participates in Tajikistan Disability Rights and Victim Assistance Meeting

On 17 and 18 March, the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) together with members from the Tajikistan Campaign to Ban Landmines and Cluster Munitions joined stakeholders in Dushanbe for a national victim assistance meeting. Objectives for the meeting included reviewing and revising Tajikistan's draft national disability program.

(19/03/2014, last updated: 20/03/2014) Read more » ( English )

Selling seafood sustains survivor peer support group in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

The Consortium de Plaidoyer sur l’Assistance aux Victimes (the Consortium for Advocacy on Victim Assistance, CPAV) created a sustainable and inventive peer support project in the region of Moanda, Bas Congo, DRC with support from the ICBL- CMC’s Survivor Networks Project.

(11/03/2014, last updated: 12/03/2014) Read more » ( English )

Reports of Russian landmine use in Crimea requires immediate response

(Geneva, 11 March 2014): The International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) is deeply concerned by reports of Russian use of landmines in Crimea, Ukraine. It calls on Russia to confirm or deny the landmine use allegations and, if confirmed, halt any use of antipersonnel mines immediately, explain the steps that it has taken to inform and protect the local civilian population and remove any antipersonnel mines that may have been laid.

(11/03/2014, last updated: 11/03/2014) Read more » ( English )

Survivor Leaders at Key ICRC African Union Meeting

Two survivor leaders speak out at the workshop on victim assistance at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this week, from 4–6 March.

(06/03/2014, last updated: 06/03/2014) Read more » ( English )

2nd Preparatory Meeting for the 3rd Review Conference

(05/03/2014, last updated: 14/04/2014) Read more » ( English )

Mine Ban Treaty Intersessional Standing Committees Meeting 2014

The meeting of Intersessional Standing Committees (ISC) of the Mine Ban Treaty (MBT) took place on 9 & 11 April 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The ISC meeting provided an opportunity for states to report on the recent progress they have made to implement the MBT and the Cartagena Action Plan (CAP). The meetings also provided a platform for informal discussion on challenges, plans and requirements for assistance and cooperation to achieve the objectives of the treaty.

N.B. The Second Preparatory Meeting for the Third Review Conference took place on 10 April 2014, in Geneva, Switzerland.

(05/03/2014, last updated: 14/04/2014) Read more » ( English )

ICBL challenges world to finish the job as Mine Ban Treaty turns 15

March 1, 2014 marks exactly 15 years since the Mine Ban Treaty entered into force and began making a difference in mine-affected communities globally – saving lives by ensuring the removal and destruction of landmines, as well as providing assistance to mine victims. Since then, the Mine Ban Treaty has been recognized as a model for humanitarian disarmament, citizen diplomacy, and multilateralism at work.

(28/02/2014, last updated: 12/03/2014) Read more » ( English )

In the lead up to the Mine Ban Treaty’s Third Review Conference in June, ICBL is shining the spotlight on some key countries impacted by the scourge of antipersonnel landmines. 2014 marks 10 yrs since Turkey became a State Party to the Mine Ban Treaty. Read about progress to-date on its treaty obligations, and ICBL’s calls for Turkey to Commit to Complete.

(19/02/2014, last updated: 20/02/2014) Read more » ( English )

On Wednesday, 19 February, the US Campaign to Ban Landmines (USCBL) and the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention Implementation Support Unit, are holding an expert panel discussion at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington DC, on the United States and the Mine Ban Treaty. A decision is believed to be imminent on the US landmine policy review, which began in 2009.

Speakers at the event will include ICBL Ambassador and Nobel Peace Laureate Ms. Jody Williams and Special Envoy for the Mine Ban Convention, Prince Mired Bin Raad Al-Hussein of Jordan, as well as other Mine Ban experts. Senator Patrick Leahy will provide a written statement for the event.

(17/02/2014, last updated: 17/02/2014) Read more » ( English )