National Implementation Measures

Under the Mine Ban Treaty, states must “take all appropriate legal, administrative and other measures, including imposition of penal sanctions, to prevent and suppress any activity prohibited” by the treaty. Some States Parties say that they do not believe an implementation law is required because international treaties are “self-enacting” under their domestic law. Yet the ICBL believes all States Parties should pass national legislation that includes penal sanctions for any violations of the treaty and provides for full implementation of all aspects of the treaty.

The ICRC has developed an information kit on national legislation to help states meet this obligation. 


on all States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty to:

  • Adopt a national law with penal sanctions to ensure full enforcement of the treaty at the national level
  • Adopt any other necessary measures to ensure the treaty’s prohibitions are understood and respected by all members of the armed forces, police, and other security services
  • Adopt other measures needed to promote full and timely implementation of the treaty’s obligations: stockpile destruction, clearance, victim assistance, and reporting.