23–27 June 2014 2014, Maputo, Mozambique

The Mine Ban Treaty’s Third Review Conference took place from 23-27 June 2014 in Maputo, Mozambique. It marked a critical moment in the treaty’s history, taking place 15 years after the treaty’s entry into force and the First Meeting of States Parties in 1999, which was also held in Maputo. The Review Conference aimed to assess progress made to date in banning antipersonnel mines, clearing minefields, and helping victims, and provided a roadmap for the work ahead.

Inspired by Mozambique’s example of how a heavily mine-affected country has effectively tackled its landmine contamination and is expected to complete its mine clearance in 2014, the ICBL sees completion as the most appropriate theme for the Review Conference and beyond.

The Completion Challenge: Commit to Complete!

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The ICBL is calling on the mine ban community to take up the Completion Challenge – to ensure that the work started several years ago is completed as soon as possible, and no later than 10 years after the Third Review Conference. We strongly believe that with renewed determination, sufficient resources and the use of good practices, all current States Parties can complete their major Mine Ban Treaty obligations within 10 years of the Third Review Conference.

The Third Review Conference in Maputo should therefore be seen as the starting point of a Countdown to Completion of the Mine Ban Treaty’s primary obligations and should be accompanied by a genuine re-commitment of efforts and resources by the international community in order to meet this challenge. By the end of the 10-year Countdown to Completion we expect to also celebrate having no new landmine victims in States Parties.

ICBL set a Completion Challenge for states to come to Maputo with a clear commitment to complete remaining treaty obligations (such as clearance, victim assistance, stockpile destruction, or joining the treaty) within a clearly defined, ambitious deadline, and make a public commitment at the Maputo Conference to meet this goal.

For more information on the Completion Challenge, see the memo for government delegates in the 'Campaign Tools' section below.

Also see 'The Completion Challenge Explained', a blog post by Tamar Gabelnick, ICBL-CMC Policy Director


ICBL Statement on Universalization, 23 June 2014
ICBL Comments On DR Congo's Extension Request, 23 June 2014
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ICBL 3RC Statement On Clearance, 24 June 2014
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ICBL Statement on Stockpile Destruction, June 2014
ICBL Statement on International Cooperation, June 2014
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ICBL Statement on Final Documents, June 2014
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ICBL Statement - High-level segment, June 2014

Survivor's messages: Five survivors of landmine and cluster munitions delivered personal messages on the final day of the Conference. They were introduced by ICBL Ambassador Tun Channareth, who accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the ICBL in 1997.

Third Review Conference statements, including those of governments and partners, can be found on the ISU website: http://www.maputoreviewconference.org/daily-summaries-statements/



Memo for Government Delegates: The ICBL memo for government delegates provides guidance on the Third Review Conference; what states are expected to do at the conference; and how governments can register, prepare for and participate in the Conference. Download the ICBL memo for governments in Arabic, English, French, or Spanish.

Memo for Government Delegates on the Completion Challenge:
The Completion Challenge memo provides guidance on the Completion Challenge, including addressing the following questions: What does “completion” mean? What is a “completion partnership”? What would a “completion commitment” look like? What is the time frame of the Completion Challenge? What is the role of the ICBL? Download the Commit to Complete Government Memo in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish.

Memo for Government Delegates on Completion Partnerships:
The Completion Partnerships memo provides guidance on how affected and donor states and other partners should build informal ‘completion partnerships’ in which enhanced working relationships could enable faster progress on the Mine Ban Treaty. Download the Completion Partnerships Memo in English French


ICBL, in collaboration with the Monitor, produced a series of four maps, displayed at the Review Conference, and illustrating information on landmine use, contamination, casualties, and stockpiles over time.  Each map displays data from before entry into force of the Mine Ban Treaty, from today, and a projection of ICBL’s 2025 Completion Challenge.

Landmine Use Map 1999-2025

Landmine Contamination Map 1999-2025

Landmine Casualties Map 1999-2025

Landmine Stockpile Map 1999-2025

Use Map 105 X 148Contamination Map 105 X 148Casualties Map 105 X 148Stockpiles Map 105 X 148


Mozambique: Answering the MBT: ICBL Member Handicap International's new video on what Mozambique has achieved since hosting the first Meeting of States Parties in 1999.

Youth to Youth Network video statement: Directed and produced by Adriana Perez Villa (Spain) a long time youth campaigner and coordinated by Erin Hunt of MAC, this great video features ICBL youth campaigners from around the world.

Mine Ban Treaty video: Produced in 2012, this video charts the history and process of the Mine Ban Treaty and the movement, presenting key actors, the nature of the Ottawa process and the achievements to date.

ICBL Leaflet:

In preparation for the Review Conference, the ICBL leaflet was revamped and updated with all the latest data.  Available in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, please share and make use of the leaflet to help raise awareness on the work of the campaign in reaching for a mine-free world.

ICBL Leaflet English Print Ready Version 250 X 352


Download the "Commit to Complete" logo in English or Portuguese

ICBL national campaign activities:

Read the summaries of the national campaigners about their campaign activities in the lead up to the Third Review Conference of the Mine Ban Treaty.

Outcome Documents:

All outcome documents from the Third Review Conference, as well as additional information and resources, can be found on the treaty webpage: http://www.maputoreviewconference.org/


Landmine Monitor released a portfolio of excellent publications for the Third Review Conference. All based on latest findings, these publications provide an invaluable source of information on Ban Policy, Mine Action and Casualties and Victim Assistance. See documents here.



Press Releases and Media Advisories

ICBL Opening Press Release (English), 23 June 2014
ICBL Opening Press Release (Portuguese), 23 June 2014

Monitor Opening Press Release (English), 23 June 2014
Monitor Opening Press Release (French), 23 June 2014
Monitor Opening Press Release (Spanish), 23 June 2014, 23 June 2014
Monitor Opening Press Release (Portuguese), 23 June 2014, 23 June 2014

ICBL Closing Press Release (English), 27 June 2014
ICBL Closing Press Release (Spanish), 27 June 2014

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact: Jared Bloch, ICBL-CMC Media and Communications Manager, Tel: +41-78-683-4407 (Swizz mobile), email Jared@icblcmc.org


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The Landmine and Cluster Munition Blog is a forum discussion on the issue of landmines and cluster munitions, and thematic areas of the international treaties banning these weapons, such as ban policy, funding, mine action and victim assistance: http://landmineandclustermunitionblog.wordpress.com/

There are many excellent blog posts related to the Third Review conference, including:

The Completion Challenge Explained, by Tamar Gabelnick, ICBL-CMC Policy Director


As a separate publication, Norwegian People’s Aid will release Clearing the Mines, a 200+page report that assesses the remaining threat from antipersonnel mines. The report is based on research by the Monitor’s Mine Action team.