21 January 2011

Many students and other young people across the globe are already involved in the campaign against landmines. You too can take action in your community, at school or on campus!

Take Action: start or join a letter-writing campaign. Make a presentation to your class or community. Take part in a theatre event to raise awareness of the effects of landmines on communities. Hold a vigil for those killed and maimed by landmines every day. Arrange a film show or art exhibition on landmines. Organise a public protest or collect signatures to urge non-member states to join the Mine Ban Treaty. Help raise money to support the ICBL's advocacy work.Get in touch with your national campaign. Volunteer or intern for the International Campaign to Ban Landmines.

Take a look at the United States Campaign to Ban Landmines' classroom section (www.uscbl.org), the Mines Advisory Group's education section, the Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor's frequently asked questions on landmines. Mines Action Canada has produced a resource manual on designing youth engagement project, available in English, French, Spanish and Russian: Working with young people for a mine-free world, how to engage young people in campaigning.

Get others to join you in taking action! Use events or activities in your community to gather support for the campaign, spread awareness and raise money - e.g. parties, social evenings, registration/enrolment, graduations or concerts.Invite other youth to join you in taking action. Involve peers in your class, student group, social club, or fraternity/sorority, and join us on Facebook and Twitter. Get the message into your campus media! Write an article on the landmine issue for your student newspaper, ask them to do a photo feature on the issue, write a letter to the editor, organise an interview or news piece for campus radio.