30 November - 4 December 2015, Geneva, Switzerland

The Fourteenth Meeting of the States Parties (14MSP) to the Mine Ban Treaty will take place at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, from 30 November to 4 December 2015. 

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At the 14MSP, the States Parties will be expected to report progresses and plans on implementating the Maputo Action Plan and achieving their treaty obligations. States not party will be expected to report on their positions and plans for joining the Mine Ban Treaty. During the 14MSP, the States Parties will also consider and take decisions on requests for extended mine clearance deadlines under the Article 5 of the treaty submitted by Cyprus, Ethiopia, Mauritania, and Senegal.

Expectations at the 14MSP:

  • States Parties are expected to report on the progress they have made and their plans on all relevant treaty obligations and MAP commitments (mine clearance, victim assistance, stockpile destruction, mine risk education, retained mines, national legislation, cooperation and assistance, etc.)
  • States not party to the MBT are expected to report on the steps they have taken to join the treaty.
  • States are expected to actively participate in discussions throughout the 14MSP, in particular on the following key issues:
  • Use and allegations of antipersonnel mine use by States

In the past year, antipersonnel mines were used by the armed forces of Myanmar, North Korea and Syria. In previous years, there have been serious allegations of use in at least three States Parties: South Sudan, Sudan and Yemen. Mine use is the gravest violation of the treaty and the ban norm. All use or allegations of use should be of serious concern to States Parties and be publically addressed and condemned during the 14MSP. States Parties should call on and engage with the concerned states to ensure no new mine use in the future.

  • New Extension Requests for Clearance Deadline

Cyprus, Ethiopia, Mauritania and Senegal have presented requests for extension of their clearance deadline under Article 5 of the treaty at the intersessional meetings in June 2015. The Article 5 Committee has analyzed the requests. At the 14MSP, States Parties should engage in discussions on these requests and decide on their approval. The extension requests are available on the ISU website

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Memo for Government Delegates: The ICBL memo provides guidance on key issues pertinent to the 14MSP and practical information for government delegates to prepare and actively participate in the meeting. Click here to download the Memo in English and French.

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