International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL)
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What You Can Do

Whether this is your first visit or you're a seasoned campaigner, you'll find here some tips and tools to take action for a world free of landmines and cluster munitions! With engagement from people like YOU, the ICBL proves everyday that civil society can make a difference worldwide.

10 Things You Can Do

Whether you have 10 minutes, one hour or plenty of time, you can help build a world free of landmines! The strength of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines comes from the involvement of people like you at the local, national and international levels.

Write a Lobbying Letter

Why write lobbying letters? Who to target? How to write effectively? Writing to a decision-maker is a good way to express your opinion and get your message across. Read our tricks and tips, and get inspiration from our mailbag.

Take Action on Campus

Many students and other young people across the globe are already involved in the campaign against landmines. You too can take action in your community, at school or on campus!

Campaigning Tools

To help you take action for a mine-free world, the ICBL and national campaigns have published numerous advocacy tools throughout the years.

Action Alerts

Action alerts are issued whenever a concerted and urgent action from civil society can help influence a government's position or policies on landmines.
Get Inspired
"Proud Students Against Landmines" Raise Awareness... and Funds!
Students at the St.Francis School in Morgantown, West Virginia (USA) have hosted information tables, collected medical supplies for landmine victims in Nicaragua and raised funds to train mine detecting dogs in tsunami affected regions.
Global Day of Action against cluster munitions, a woman adds her name to the petition. Photo: Italian Campaign to Ban Landmines
2000 Signatures Against Cluster Bombs in a Single Night
Volunteers from the Italian Campaign to Ban Landmines have handed out typical doughnuts known as "fried bombs" in the streets of Rome, in an initiative to collect signatures supporting a bill to ban cluster munitions.
A little blog goes a long way
Bloggers and activists around the world are helping to raise awareness on landmines and cluster munitions by spreading the word on the net.