The ICBL-CMC operate a joint campaign membership comprised of NGOs.

No joining fee or annual subscription is required, rather applicants are requested to: 1) Endorse the calls to action by the CMC and ICBL; 2) Agree to abide by the ICBL-CMC Membership Pledge; and 3) Submit a completed Application Form.

STEP TWO: Agree to the membership pledge

The following pledge describes the responsibilities that members agree to by joining and participating in the ICBL-CMC:
All Members
All members of the ICBL-CMC agree to the following responsibilities, collectively known as the three “Cs” – Campaign, Communicate, and Cooperate:
•    Endorse and actively work to achieve the goals of both the CMC and ICBL;
•    Regularly share information on campaign actions, developments, and issues;
•    Participate in campaign actions and contribute to consultations;
•    Abide by the ICBL-CMC Code of Conduct during meetings and events;
•    Cordially and respectfully exchange views and resolve conflicts.

The ICBL-CMC team of staff—who service each campaign and provide advocacy, administrative, media, finance, logistical, and policy support—agree to provide:
•    Advice, encouragement, and support to all campaign members;
•    Regular information on campaign activities, actions, and available resources;
•    Facilitation and coordination of the CMC and ICBL networks, including dispute resolution;
•    Support to campaign engagement with the treaties, including management of participation in meetings
•    Timely consultation with members, including on issues and opportunities, policy development, and campaign structure and practices.

The Governance Board, which oversees the work of both the ICBL and CMC, agrees to ensure:
•    Overall strategic direction to achieve the goals of both campaigns;
•    Legal compliance of the ICBL-CMC as a registered charity;
•    Sound financial management and practice;
•    Support to staff and good employment practice;
•    Regular consultation and engagement with membership.