Getting more states to join the Mine Ban Treaty is a key way to strengthen the norm of a total ban on antipersonnel mines and contribute to saving more lives from the scourge of mines. Over 80% of the world’s states have now joined the Mine Ban Treaty. It is one of the world's most widely accepted treaties.


On all states still outside the treaty to: join without further delay!

In addition, the holdouts can help solidify the norms of the treaty by taking interim steps toward a total ban, including:

  • Adopt a moratorium on the use, production, and transfer of antipersonnel mines
  • Provide information about antipersonnel mine stockpiles and start destroying them
  • Assist landmine survivors, their families, and communities
  • Engage in mine clearance and mine risk education where it is needed
  • Vote in favor of the annual United Nations General Assembly resolution on the treaty in First Committee and at the General Assembly
  • Submit a voluntary transparency report with all relevant information
  • Attend treaty meetings

On non-state armed groups to: accept the treaty obligations, especially stopping the use of mines and destroying stocks!

On all States Parties to the treaty to: promote the universalization of the treaty and the ban norm more broadly!

And more particularly:

  • Promote ratification of/accession to the treaty, in particular in regions with low adherence
  • Promote and encourage universal adherence to the norms of the treaty
  • Condemn and discourage any use, production, or transfer of antipersonnel mines
  • Encourage states not party to participate in the work of the treaty and to take interim steps toward joining.