The 8th Meeting of the States Parties (8MSP) will be held at the KingHusseinBinTalalConvention Center by the shores of the Dead Sea, Jordan, from 18 to 22 November 2007.
At the 8MSP, the international community will gather in the Middle East for the first time to discuss the problems caused by antipersonnel mines and the solutions proposed by the Mine Ban Treaty. His Royal Highness Prince Mired Raad Al-Hussein of Jordan will preside over the 8MSP.
In addition to the official Meeting of the States Parties, all ICBL members are invited to participate in the ICBL Orientation Session, which will take place on Saturday 17 November, and the ICBL “Success in Progress” Campaign Meeting, which will take place on Friday 23 November, followed by an ICBL celebration. ICBL Advisory Board members are also invited to participate in the Advisory Board meeting which will also take place on Friday 23 November.
The ICBL will also organise daily briefings, media events, and other activities throughout the week and encourages all ICBL members to fully participate. Among the different side events and exhibits Mines Action Canada (MAC) will coordinate a Model Review Conference for youth; ICBL, Handicap International, Landmine Action and Moviment per La Pau are planning photo exhibits. Geneva Call will present its progress report and Landmine Survivors Network is planning a sporting event.
In order to participate in the 8MSP, all ICBL delegates must register online by 1st October 2007. Additionally, ICBL sponsored participants must also register with the ICBL by filling out the ICBL Registration Form available on the ICBL website and send it to Daiana Savage at: by 1 October 2007.
For more information on 8MSP registration, visas, logistics, etc. please visit the ICBL 8MSP website at:
- Daiana Savage, ICBL Administrative Assistant