Despite the tangible successes of the Mine Ban Treaty – which over 80% of countries have joined – the job is not yet finished and many challenges still remain on the road to a mine-free world.

Mine Action Fellows call on States to fulfill committment to a mine-free world by 2025, at Mine Ban Treaty Fourth Review Conferrence in Oslo, Norway (see full statement here)

March 1, 2021 marks the 22nd anniversary of the humanitarian success story that is the Mine Ban Treaty. While we celebrate this success, we also want the entry into force anniversary to serve as a reminder, a wake-up call.  We have less than five years to finish the job, and achieve the 2025 completion goal that was adopted at the Third Review Conference in Maputo in 2014, and reiterated at the Fourth Review Conference in Oslo in 2019. 

The ICBL calls on all States Parties to immediately step up efforts and to complete their key Mine Ban Treaty obligations as soon as possible, and no later than 2025. We strongly believe that with genuine national ownership,  renewed determination, sufficient and targeted resources, and applying good practice, a mine-free 2025 is entirely possible! After more than 20 years of implementation efforts, and as we near the 2025 target, there is no more time to spare. We must ensure that mine action is placed higher on the agenda, that it is tackled with urgency and efficiency, and that it is effective, timely, and inclusive.

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