14 June 2010

Dear Campaigners,

The Meetings of the Standing Committees (ISC) will be held from 21 to 25 June 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland. You will find below some useful logistics information you may need to attend these meetings.


1. Programme and ICL activities

2. Invitation and Registration

3. Visas

4. Accommodation

5. Transportation

6. Venues

7. Reimbursements (for ICBL sponsored participants only) ________________________________________

1. Programme and ICBL activitiesThe Meetings of the Standing Committees (ISC) will take place at the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD), Avenue de la Paix 7bis (WMO Building), Geneva, Switzerland.Background documents for the meeting are available at:http://www.apminebanconvention.org/intersessional-work-programme/june-2010/ " ICBL informal gathering on Sunday 20 JuneOn the eve of the ISC all ICBL campaigners and friends are invited to join us for an informal gathering on Sunday 20 June 2010 starting from 6.00 pm at Les Brasseurs (www.les-brasseurs.ch) in front of the Cornavin Train Station."

ICBL Side Events If you are planning to organize a side event, please contact Clémence Caraux by email at clemence@icbl.org or by fax at +41(0)22 920 01 15 before 1 June 2010. Please note that due to space constraints, we might not be able to give a positive answer to your request.

2. Invitation and Registration Invitation The ICBL invitation for non sponsored participants has been sent on Monday 17th May to the ICBL Network. If you are an ICBL member and wish to attend the meetings but didn't receive the invitation, please contact Clémence Caraux by email at clemence@icbl.org or by phone at +41 (0)22 920 03 25. Please note that invitations to sponsored participants have already been sent individually. RegistrationPlease note that the official deadline to register for the ISC Meetings is: 14 June 2010. All members of the ICBL delegation must register with the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) by 14 June 2010. Please register online at:http://www.apminebanconvention.org/intersessional-work-programme/june-2010/registration/ Should you encounter any difficulties in registering online, please fill in the attached PDF copy of the online registration form and send it to Ms. Rihs at the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD), by email at: s.rihs-aeby@gichd.org or by fax at: +41 (0) 22 906 16 90.

IMPORTANT: All ICBL members must register under the ICBL delegation. When registering online, please insert the following: " Under "Name of organization" please enter "ICBL"." Under "Department" please enter the name of your organization. E.g.: Mines Action Canada" Once you have received confirmation of your registration with the GICHD, please forward it to Clémence Caraux at clemence@icbl.org, so that we can prepare the list of participants accordingly.

Additional information for Sponsored Participants: In addition to registering online with the GICHD at http://www.apminebanconvention.org/intersessional-work-programme/june-2010/registration/ by 14 June 2010, sponsored participants are required to fill out the ICBL Registration Form they have received with their invitation and send it by email to Clémence Caraux at clemence@icbl.org or by fax to +41 (0) 22 920 01 15 no later than 4 June 2010.

3. Visas Participants are responsible for applying for all visas required to travel to and enter Switzerland. If you need a visa to enter Switzerland or a transit visa, apply for it immediately. Please note that Switzerland is now part of the Schengen area. You can visit the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (http://www.eda.admin.ch/eda/en/home/reps.html) website where you will find information about visa applications and the list of Swiss representations abroad.

You can down-load the visa application form on the web-page of the Federal Office of Migration (http://www.bfm.admin.ch/bfm/en/home/themen/einreise/visumantragsformular.html) where you can find as well further information about the entry to Switzerland. Please bring the Invitation Letter (http://www.apminebanconvention.org/intersessional-work-programme/june-2010/invitation-letter/) from Ambassador Eckey and Ambassador Husy as well as the ICBL invitation to the ISC with you when applying for visas. If you have any difficulties in applying for visas please contact Clémence Caraux at clemence@icbl.org

4. Accommodation For ICBL non-sponsored participants:Non-sponsored participants are responsible for making their own hotel booking. Please note that June is a very busy time of the year for Geneva and that many hotels are already fully booked. We strongly recommend that you book accommodation as soon as possible. We have listed below a few hotels which may still have availability. Please note that the ICBL does NOT have a block booking and that prices may vary upon availability. Prices may range from 160CHF to 200CHF per night for a single room, and from 170 CHF to 240 CHF per night for a double room. Please note that Hotels may ask you for a credit card number in order to guarantee your reservation and that the ICBL cannot guarantee rooms for non-sponsored participants. Hotel de Genève** 1, Place Isaac-Mercier, 1201 Genève, Tel.: +41 (0) 22 908 54 00, Fax: +41 (0) 22 732 82 64, www.hotel-de-geneve.ch Email: contact@hotel-de-geneve.ch - Hôtel Central** 2, rue de la Rôtisserie, 1204 Genève, Tel.: +41 (0) 22 818 81 00, Fax: +41 (0) 22 818 81 01, www.hotelcentral.ch, Email: info@hotelcentral.ch - Hotel Bernina*** 22, Place Cornavin, CP 2168, 1211 Genève, Tel.: +41 (0)22 908 49 50, Fax: +41 (0)22 908 49 51, www.bernina-geneve.ch, Email: info@bernina-geneve.ch - Suitehotel Genève*** 30, Avenue Louis-Casaï, 1216 Genève, Tel.: +41 (0) 22 710 46 46, Fax: +41 (0) 22 710 46 00, www.suite-hotel.com, Email: H5654@accor.com - Mövenpick hotel***** 20, Route de Pré-Bois, 1215 Genève, Tel.: +41 (0) 22 717 11 11, Fax: +41 (0) 22 717 11 22, www.moevenpick-geneva-airport.com, Email: hotel.geneva.airport@moevenpick.com. Should you encounter any difficulties in finding accommodation, we suggest that you contact the Geneva Tourist Information Centre (http://www.geneve-tourisme.ch) by phone at +41 (0)22 909 70 00, by fax at +41 (0)22 909 70 11. The centre also has an online booking service at: http://tiny.cc/p3771

For ICBL sponsored participants. Most of the sponsored participants will stay at the Hotel Savoy, Hotel Bernina and Hotel Astoria. Due to budget constraints, and in order to offer as many campaigners as possible the opportunity to participate in the ISC, sponsored participants may be asked to share a room with another campaigner of the same gender. If you would prefer to stay in a single room, the ICBL will cover the cost of a shared standard double room, and you will be responsible for covering the additional charges. Please note that the ICBL will only cover your accommodation costs, and that you must pay for all extra expenses such as telephone calls, internet access, mini-bar, laundry, etc. Please send us your travel details via the ICBL Registration Form as soon as possible and no later than 4 June 2010 to clemence@icbl.org

5. Transportation In Geneva, you are responsible for your own transportation to the Hotel and to all the meeting venues. Please note that Geneva has a very efficient public transportation system. From the Geneva airport you may take bus number 10 or the train to Geneva city centre. Please note that all trains leaving the airport stop at Geneva-Cornavin station (city centre). "Passengers holding a valid plane ticket can pick up a FREE ticket for public transport from the machine in the baggage collection area at the Arrival level. This ticket, offered by Geneva International Airport, allows you to use public transport in Geneva free for a period of 80 minutes." The "Geneva Transport Card" for all participants staying in a Hotel: Geneva Hotels offer a "Geneva Transport Card" to their guests for the whole duration of their stay. You may collect your card at the hotel reception upon check-in. This card is free of charge. N.B.: You may visit the Geneva Public Transport website (www.tpg.ch) for more detailed information on transportation or to create your itinerary within Geneva.

6. Venues The Meetings of the Standing Committees (ISC) will take place at the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD); World Meteorological Organization (WMO) building, Avenue de la Paix 7bis, Geneva, Switzerland. You'll find a map of the venue, train station, airport and buses/trams at: http://tiny.cc/m96n1. From the "Cornavin" train station you may use the following buses/trams: Bus 1 direction "Jardin Botanique" and get off at the stop Jardin Botanique. The WMO building is on your left side. Tram 13 or 15 direction Nations and get off at "France", on the right you will see the WMO building. Walk down the stairs (not easily accessible) on your right and cross the parking lot toward the large green glass building, the WMO building.

7. Reimbursements (for ICBL sponsored participants only). Please fill out the ICBL Registration Form that you have received with your invitation and provide your full travel details and estimated costs by 4 June 2010 or we will not be able to guarantee reimbursement. We will be issuing per diems and travel reimbursements throughout the week. A reimbursements schedule will be available in your welcome pack. We strongly advise sponsored participants to choose the option of being reimbursed, for their travel expenses, via wire transfer. Unfortunately, Geneva has a bad reputation for pickpockets. Per Diems: To receive your per diem you must provide the ICBL with your boarding passes, photocopy of your plane ticket, and copy of all other travel receipts. We cannot provide reimbursement for expenses without receipts. Once we receive your receipts, your per diem will be issued. The per diem rate is 60 CHF per day/30 CHF per half day (arrival after 12h00, departure before 12h00). Per diems will be provided in Swiss Francs.

Reimbursements: The ICBL will reimburse the following costs: economy round-trip plane ticket to Geneva, local transportation to/from airport in country of origin, airport departure taxes and visa expenses. The ICBL will directly cover the cost of accommodation in Geneva. The ICBL will NOT cover these costs: travel insurance, additional expenses in hotel rooms such as laundry, mini bar service, telephone calls, internet, faxes, and taxi fares or for extended stays before or after meetings. If you must spend a night in transit at a hotel you must confirm with the ICBL in advance. For expenses during travel such as meals during layovers, the ICBL will reimburse up to the equivalent of one day per diem for meals on a case-by-case basis.

Please do not hesitate to contact Clémence Caraux by email at clemence@icbl.org or by phone at +41 (0)22 920 03 25 should you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you in Geneva!

The ICBL Staff